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Vietnamese Agarwood Chips Box

Vietnamese Agarwood Chips Box

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Unveil the perfect gift with our Vietnamese Agarwood Chips Box. This exquisite set, housed in a luxurious leather box, includes 60 grams of meticulously cut agarwood chips, making it a gift you'd be proud to present.

Originating from the lush landscapes of Vietnam, these natural agarwood chips exude an elegant aroma when gently heated, transforming any space into a serene haven. Our experts have specially cut the chips into a variety of sizes, ensuring ease of use and an optimal fragrance release.

Whether you're seeking a memorable birthday gift or a thoughtful token for an elderly loved one, the Vietnamese Agarwood Chips Box makes an ideal choice. It's not just a gift - it's an experience, a sensory journey through the tranquil world of Vietnamese agarwood.

Present your loved ones with the Vietnamese Agarwood Chips Box, and let them discover the enchanting world of agarwood. It's more than just a gift; it's a token of appreciation, a gesture of respect, and a testament to your refined taste


60 grams of high grade vietnamese oud thin chips.

How to use

for best results, put a small piece of the agarwood on a burning charcoal and wait for it to produce aroma as well as resin.


2-7 Working Days in Oman & GCC
5-14 Working Days Rest of the World

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