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Vietnamese agarwood chips (12g)

Vietnamese agarwood chips (12g)

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Experience the unique charm of our Vietnamese Agarwood Chips. Sourced from the lush landscapes of Vietnam, these natural chips, when gently heated over light charcoal, release an elegant aroma that is both soothing and captivating.

Each 12g batch of our Vietnamese Agarwood Chips encapsulates the serene beauty of Vietnamese agarwood forests, offering an everyday indulgence for the discerning individual. Their subtle yet distinctive scent makes them a perfect choice for daily personal use, transforming ordinary moments into sensory experiences.

But the Vietnamese Agarwood Chips aren't just about the aroma. They're about offering quality and flexibility. Available in bulk quantities, these chips cater to the needs of all our customers, whether you're seeking a personal sensory journey or looking to share the beauty of Vietnamese agarwood with others.

Saaj delivers the highest quality Vietnamese Agarwood Chips at a highly competitive price. They're not just a product - they're an invitation to experience the calm elegance of Vietnamese agarwood, a journey through scent that promises to enchant and delight


12 grams (Tola) of Vietnamese agarwood chips

How to use

Place a small piece of the chips on a light charcoal heat and wait for the magical sweet aroma


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5-14 Working Days Rest of the World

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