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Saaj Oud

Indian Agarwood Gift Box

Indian Agarwood Gift Box

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Delve into the captivating world of Indian agarwood with our Saaj Oud & Perfumes' Indian Agarwood Gift Box. This carefully curated set, perfect as a gift or for personal indulgence, showcases 48 grams of natural Assam agarwood sticks. These are celebrated for their captivating aroma and beautiful, woody fragrance, embodying the heart and soul of India's rich agarwood tradition.

Each stick is a story, a sensory journey through the lush forests of Assam, unveiling the intricate layers of earthy, complex notes that Indian agarwood is renowned for. But this box is more than just a collection of agarwood sticks - it's an experience, a journey into the heritage of Indian agarwood.

Beyond the agarwood itself, the box is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. Produced in Oman by Saaj Oud & Perfumes, each box is stitched by skilled artisans, the fine leatherwork reflecting an elegance and sophistication that only serves to enhance the treasures within.

The Saaj Oud & Perfumes' Indian Agarwood Gift Box is not just a gift, it's an invitation to experience the profound beauty and mystique of Indian agarwood. Be it a token of appreciation or a personal treat, this gift box offers a sensory delight that promises to inspire and enthrall


48 grams of indian agarwood sticks sourced from assam province in india

How to use

for best results, put a small piece of the agarwood on a burning charcoal and wait for it to produce aroma as well as resin.


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