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Maroke Agarwood Double Super (Tola)

Maroke Agarwood Double Super (Tola)

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Experience the natural beauty of Maroke agarwood, free from any additives. This exquisite wood is distinguished by its light brown hue and is one of the most renowned types of Indonesian agarwood. Indonesia is the sole country in East Asia famous for its natural Maroke agarwood. Classified as Double Super grade, this agarwood is exceptionally suitable for enhancing gatherings, welcoming guests, and perfuming your home. Its ability to diffuse a delightful aroma throughout the space makes it an ideal choice.


12 grams (Tola) of Indonesian Maroke agarwood sourced from directly from Indonesia

How to use

for best results, put a small piece of the agarwood on a burning charcoal and wait for it to produce aroma as well as resin.


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